Clinical Dermatology

Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and also the easiest to detect. We conduct skin checks to diagnose and treat all skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer can return you to skin health. At Humboldt Derm, we have the expertise to do both right in our office.

All biopsies are carefully examined to allow for informed treatment suggestions. If skin cancer is detected, Humboldt Derm offers the latest techniques for its management. Our sister office (in Redding) has helped pioneer breakthrough approaches for skin cancer management. We always work to “cure” your skin cancer with as little cosmetic impact as possible.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer.

First we conduct a skin exam to check for skin cancer. Should we detect a potential cancer, we biopsy it in the office, and then work to customize your treatment based on the diagnosis and your lifestyle.

Humboldt Derm offers skin cancer treatments ranging from simple destruction to topical chemotherapy to excisional surgery. We are well equipped to help patients sort through their options, make a well-considered choice, and then deliver the selected treatment in an efficient fashion.

Sun Damage Protection

Fact: Sun exposure damages skin. This sun damage eventually leads to premature sagging, wrinkling, dulling, freckling, and increased roughness. It can also lead to skin cancer. Sun exposure also slowly thins both epidermis and dermis. Skin thinning causes more frequent visible bruising as well as increased susceptibility to lacerations, and cuts and tears from minor trauma. Fair-skinned individuals are particularly prone to decreased skin appearance and functional integrity with sun exposure. Skin tags, pre-cancers, and even skin cancer are all directly and proportionally tied to cumulative sun exposure over the course of one’s life.