Clinical Dermatology

Rash Evaluation

At Humboldt Derm, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin rashes. While many can be challenging, we have the clinical knowledge to evaluate and care for your particular issue.

Rash Evaluation

Most of the time, the rash you develop is probably common, though sometimes we do see more rare conditions. Many are easy to diagnose and treat but others can be more difficult and require some detective work. If you’ve developed a rash, it may be related to an allergic reaction, excessive dryness, or because of contact with something like chemicals.

Allergic reactions, or contact dermatitis, usually causes itching and blistering. Some of the more common allergic reactions involve poison oak, metals like nickel, substances like rubber, some cosmetics, preservatives, and fragrances. Other rashes, like from atopic dermatitis and dry skin eczema are also common rash-type culprits.

Rashes, especially those that are itchy and then painful, require proper treatment.

There are also skin disorders such as psoriasis, shingles, and others that often present as a rash. If you’ve developed a rash, especially one that lasts and becomes painful as well as itchy, come to Humboldt Derm for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment of your rash will depends on the diagnosis. Once that has been made, we often recommend a treatment plan that might include medication, proper skin care, trigger avoidance, and coping mechanisms.

Dermatology professionals like those at Humboldt Derm have the expertise required to properly diagnose, manage and treat a variety of skin rashes.