Clinical Dermatology

Proactive Skin Exams

A routine skin check is one of the most effective ways to detect skin cancer. It also provides the medical professionals at Humboldt Derm the chance to discuss any other skin issues.

Proactive Skin Exams

Proactive skin examinations can be lifesavers. Literally. Having a dermatologist check your skin even if nothing appears to be wrong can help find potential problems before they become problems. We recommend that anyone who has a lot of moles, fair-skinned people, as well as those with extensive sun damage, or a personal or strong family history of skin cancer to regularly engage in a skin check.

When caught early, melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, has a 98% cure rate.

Proactive skin exams help us detect skin cancer earlier when it is easier to treat. These exams also provide an opportunity to address new skin changes, growths, rashes, or other concerns. Many changes occur in skin over time and while many may be undesirable, they are also highly treatable.

The recommended frequency of proactive or routine skin exams is customized based on the unique clinical characteristics of each patient.